[Paused for Lockdown 2]
What to expect on Sunday- in the Community Wing 

Our morning service and children's groups are currently online. See here for details.

Our evening service is now meeting 8pm in the Northstowe Community Wing. This is a great way to meet together, to have fellowship, and to help those who struggle to engage online. We are doing things rather differently to how we used to do them. Like all organisations we are following the government's Covid guidelines to try and keep everyone safe.  If you join us in person, you must wear a mask unless you have a legal exemption (e.g. physical or mental illness). You will be asked to use hand sanitiser (we provide it) as you come in, and we'll ask for contact details for test and trace. We also have a QR code if you are using the test and trace app. A steward will guide you to the main hall. People are seated in households/ bubbles 2m from other households, and grouped into a maximum of 6 people for conversation, discussion and prayer. Singing is not allowed, so we listen to one song during the service. 

After the service, we are not serving refreshments, and we encourage people to leave the site quickly. 

If you want to join us online, that is still possible. See here for details.

Prior to Lockdown

We meet each week at 10:30am in the Northstowe Community Wing

Our time together is focused on worshipping God and learning from his Word, the Bible. The more structured part of our gathering typically lasts one hour and 15 minutes. But our gathering continues beyond the end of the worship service as we enjoy snacks and refreshments and get to know each other better, so please do plan to stay. 

Adults and children spend the first 30 minutes together in the worship service so the whole church community can sing, pray and engage in God’s word together. Then we have a brief pause for the children to go to their Bible clubs where they will have bible teaching and form friendships with their peers (If you would rather your children stayed with you in the service then you are very welcome to keep them with you).

Josh speaking to children
Josh speaking to children with video clip

After the short break, the service resumes for the next 45 minutes where the adults and teenagers hear from God as the Bible is read and preached. Depending on the week we may also share in the Lord’s supper, hear church news, receive updates from missionaries, or have a further time of singing.

In addition to our normal refreshments after the service, on the last Sunday of the month, we have lunch together after the service. Please come and join us!

Northstowe Community Wing


Church family lunch
Church family lunch