Exodus- God setting his people free series 

More than 3000 years ago, a group of people were slaves in Egypt. Worked hard, mistreated, and facing occasional massacre: life was awful and they were powerless to set themselves free. But centuries earlier, God had promised their ancestors a great people who would be blessed. And the time has come for God to raise up his rescuer and set his people free from the greatest empire in the world.
Exodus is not only a dramatic story. The rescue from slavery shown in the Exodus pictures an even greater rescue from slavery that we all need even today: the rescue Jesus brings. So as we enjoy this inspirational story of slaves being set free, we are also helped to understand the human predicament, and how to enjoy true freedom today.

13th February
Exodus 1
The problem of slavery
Family Service
Josh M
20th February
Exodus 2
Birth of a Saviour
 Josh M

27th February
Exodus 3
Meeting Jesus in the burning bush
Josh M

6th March
Exodus 4
A reluctant messenger
Lord’s Supper
Josh M

13th March
Exodus 5-6
When God’s way makes things worse
Josh M

20th March
Exodus 7-9
The plagues of Egypt
Josh M

27th March
Exodus 10-11
A taste of hell (Plagues continued)
Josh M

3rd April
Exodus 12
Remember the sacrifice that saves
Lord’s Supper, Family Service
Josh M,
10th April
Exodus 13:1-16
Redeeming the firstborn
Andrew T

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*For family services children stay with us throughout and there are activity sheets during the short adult talk