First Baptism

John Dilley was baptised on the 8th July, in a joint service with Over Baptist Church (who kindly let us use their building). Below is a part of John's account of how he came to know Jesus.
John Dilley - Baptism

I had the great privilege of being brought up in a Christian family, and I’m pleased that they’re here to support me today.

I’d say there was never a time when I didn’t believe, but as I grew up I moved from believing what my parents told me to having to choose for myself. That time came for me when I was in the sixth form, when I really started to take in what Christ had done for me on the Cross and moved from it just being something I knew about to, being much more personal and something I needed to take seriously, with the stark choice of whether I wanted eternal life. In response to that, I chose to put my faith in Jesus - how could I do otherwise?

You’ll notice that I’m not young enough to be at school any more by some margin, and baptism is something I should have done years ago, but I couldn’t put it off forever, and this gives me the chance to talk about the difference it’s made in my life.

I can’t claim to have had a greatly difficult life, but knowing that there’s much more to life than material things is hugely liberating - whether it’s been exams at university or insecurities with work.

As many of you know, we adopted our lovely daughter four years ago, and that’s certainly brought a new challenge to our lives, which I’ve found myself having to commit much more to God rather than trying to do things in my own strength. And the picture of being earthly parents to her has made me realise in a new way the relationship between myself and God the Father. A child can be challenging and still receive love from parents, which is a great picture of myself as a much more challenging child to a much more loving father.
I’ve been hugely grateful for the support of people at St Andrew the Great church, Cambridge over the years and now Emmanuel Church in helping to grow my faith through looking at the bible and understanding how to apply it to my life. It’s helpful in keeping going, trying to lead a godly life, but also in realising how far short I fall and how much I need Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross.

Josh Monteiro, 29/07/2018