Church life a few months in…

We’re now 3 months old as a church. And we have lots to be thankful to God for. All our launch team are still part of the church, our homegroups seem to be really getting to know and help each other, our children are enjoying church (thanks team who help run children’s work), the tech and music teams have delivered outstanding quality. And we can also be grateful for visitors every week, and for a few who have become regulars with us.  

But new church doesn’t mean no problems. People have been struggling with health scares, bereavements, overwork or lack of work, and sometimes God seems slow to answer our prayers. There is lots to do in a small church, and so weariness can creep in. We’d still love to be meeting in Northstowe itself. And some areas of organisation still need more work!  

But overall it has been a joy to be part of this new local church. It is so nice not to have a long drive to church on Sunday. It is lovely to bump into people in the Black Bull or Tesco’s, or have people pop around. It has also been lovely to see how many people have stepped up to serve God with their gifts, and are trying to show Jesus to the people God has put around them. While growth has been slow so far, we’ve enjoyed knitting together as a new church family, and I’m excited to see how God might use us in the coming year.

Josh Monteiro, 29/07/2018