Diverse people, friendly discussions, on interesting things that matter. 

Locked in Lockdown bubbles, our "Conversations" provide space to talk with others about some of the interesting and significant things in the world (beyond Covid-19). Each Friday night we'll gather online to listen to an interview with someone and then discuss it together. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation. 

Fridays 8pm on Zoom
Meeting ID 844 1254 0697
Passcode 949870

Friday Conversations Program

22nd January     RESET 1 What's Meaning, What's Morality, What's Missing
29th January      Conversation about doctoring in an Ebola outbreak with Dr Rosie Thompson
5th February       Conversation about serving in the airforce, with David
break over half term
26th February    Conversation about Realms of wonder: discussing faith and fantasy, with Tim Hubbard
5th March            RESET 5 Science, Rationality and Consciousness (including John Lennox and Rupert Sheldrake)  
12th March        Conversation about Medieval Bishops: weird and wise with David Runciman (PhD Medieval history)
19th March         RESET 4 Relationships, Sex and the body